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Where did we come from ?
BAS was founded in 1994, and became a German corporation in February of 1997.

We recognized a need in the industry for high quality Storage and Storage Management solutions. Our customers told us that they have difficulties in selecting the right products for their environment. They were also purchasing products without completely understanding why they needed them.

They also told us that too often, critical, costly, brand new solutionbased products were sitting idle because their overworked MIS staffs were unable find time implementing the new products.

Downsizing trends have strongly reduced the MIS staffs. Staff which need to keep up with all sort of other burning organizational demands.

So we have founded BAS with the unique focus of offering the best-of-breed solution to enterprise backup.

Our approach is to integrate leading storage & storage management technology - both hardware, software and top quality consulting - into a single integrated powerful solution.

This means you won't have to spend time, evaluating, integrating, and testing separate components until the solution works as you wanted it to work !  It also means you will get more for your investment.

Hardware or software providers providers have limited resources and have reduced their technical support staffs.  But you really do not want to deal with hardware or software.  You have a business to run and you have (or need) a solution which supports that. Hardware and software suppliers do not have time to care about each technology which makes up your total solution.

BAS offers just that.  A Network Storage Competent Group single which will deal with all our service and support requirements !  A single point of contact which understands not only the hardware component or the software components, but every component of your solution.

The consultants that make up BAS come from network backup development, delivery and consulting environments. We had proven ourselves as the best in our fields, and capitalizing on that experience and reputation, we formed this unique solution-oriented network backup company.


Your greatest Asset - Data & Knowledge
The value of knowledge - and the need to protect it - has never been greater.  Simultaneously, networks continue to grow more complex and more mission-critical information must be stored and managed.   The explosive growth of distributed C/S networks has made data storage, retrieval and management a key component in the business strategies of information-intensive companies to find and integrate intelligent, enterprise-wide solutions.  Solutions which will guarantee the protection of the data and the knowledge associated with it ...


BAS Competence
BAS is a Network Backup Competency Group whose skills are set to address this challenge. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to consult and implement solutions for:


Backup and Restore


Archive and Retrieve
Media Management




Disaster Recovery


So what can BAS Backup Archive Solutions do for you ?
We offer comprehensive consulting services to implement, enhance or troubleshoot the use of your existing products.
We analyze your environment and then recommend the use of new technology, where needed.  In addition to our recommendations, we provide you with complete implementation plans and strategies.


A big plus
We install and integrate the products we recommend.  Before this work begins, we go to great lengths to understand your business goals and implement with these goals in mind. We not only consult, install, and integrate, we also sell hardware and software products.  We make no apologies about our recommendations.

If we can't help you , if we can't provide you with the solutions you want; and if we can't offer you the products that will work best for you, we get out of the way and point you in the right direction.


The computer industry has changed forever
Our role as computer professionals has changed just as fast.  You must be able to answer the questions, "What tools are right for my business?" and "How do I integrate tools with my business once they are on my site?".

We formed BAS Backup Archive Solutions to help you answer these questions.  We ensure that our clients will meet their business goals:

  • Lower system and storage management costs.
  • Enhance the use of network backup/archiving tools.
  • Integrate new and existing tools to provide an easy-to-use storage-managed network backup environment.


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