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Disaster Recovery Management - DRM (Plan, Design, Implementation and Testing)


The following main tasks are delivered under DRM:


The planning phase starts with the assessment and catalogization of all your business-critical applications and data. Based on that pre-work, the technical and organizational plan for the recovery of your systems and data is worked out.

A project plan is developed with the help of which an implementation of a Disaster Recovery Concept is done.  This will necessite certain hardware and software installations as well as it could mean certain organizational procedural changes.   Testing is an integral part of each such implementation.

How is the consulting done ?
All necessary data is collected by BAS through structured interviews and other means from both IT responsible and other non-IT decision makers.  By larger projects, other specialized company scan be pulled in.  After management approval, the results are then implemented with the IT department.

What do we deliver ?
A detailed concept is the result of our assessment based on all collected data.  This concept show which data, how fast and which order are restored after a disaster.  After the acceptance of the concept, it is implemented and tested.   After a pilot phase period, experiences are collected and inserted in the final solution.  After that it goes into production.  BAS can also maintain the resulting concept and implementation and continuously refine it to the changing needs.


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