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Data Security Analysis - DSA


The objective of a Data Security Analysis - DSA - is to unveil all weak points in the Data security in the operation of a Data Center, take preventive or corrective actions based on the findings or minimize the security risks.


A project plan is developed with the help of which a Data Security Concept is implemented and tested.  This will necessite certain software installations.   The solution may also include changes of organizational nature.  Testing is the integral part of each such implementation.


How is the consulting done ?
Data is collected by BAS through structured interviews.  Systems Analysis, Operating Systems Setup and the operation of key applications are researched.   All these steps are taking into account international known standards for security.


What does it cover ?
Physical security like: buildings security, entrances, access places, installations, cabling as well as logical and applications security like: User Access, Rights, SW product installations and others are scrutinized.


What do we deliver ?
A detailed concept and assessment of the status is produced.  This represents the current status.  The Analysis is completed with a meeting in which this status is discussed a project can be then developed and preventive or corrective steps can be taken.  If an implementation is decided upon, such an implementation will contain the detailed new status and the description of the new level of security.


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