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Network Backup Study - NBS


The following main tasks are delivered under a Network Backup Study:

Product Evaluation
There are myriad's of products on the market.  The objective of the custom made study is to find the optimal solution which suits your company and your environment.

The design of the optimal setup for a known, chosen solution.

Make sure that the selected solution is used at it's maximum technical capability.

How is the consulting done ?
We collect data through specially designed structured interviews.   These interviews are conducted with all relevant departments, user groups and your decision makers.  Based on these interviews the exact requirements of your company and environment is assessed.

What do we deliver ?
Suitable solutions from the market are compared, sometimes feature by feature.  The idea is to find the solution which covers the basic needs as well as most of the extended needs and requirements of a particular enterprise environment.   Pending on the particular environment the NBS takes from the on to two weeks.   From that 40% is on-site.


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