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Return-On-Investment Analysis - ROI (for a Network Backup Solution)

The following main tasks are delivered under a ROI Study:


Why do you need a ROI ?
Return-On-Investment Analysis for a Backup and Archiving System gives you a detailed answer on when such an investment starts to give you the right return.   The generated document enables you to have the necessary argumentative documentation to present to higher management.  It also serves as required paperwork to present to financial 'decision makers'  within your organization.

How is the work done ?
The work can be done on-site or off-site.

Data is collected by a BAS specialist from the different groups and departments within your organization.  This is done through structured interviews.

Data is collected by yourself.  BAS is sending you a structured specially for this purpose developed questionnaire. The collected data is then analyzed and serves the basis of the ROI analysis.

How is the consulting done ?
The collected data, either on-site or off-site collection, is inputted in a specially for this purpose developed tool.  The results are presented in a nice format and is easily understandable.

What do we deliver ?
The result of a ROI Analysis is a colorful and graphics rich document of 30+ pages.  It shows the most relevant cost factors and possible saving areas, which can be achieved by a certain Network Backup Solution.  The document contains graphics as well as tables and is well suited to serve as presentation material to upper management as a basis for an investment decision.


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