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The services we provide
BAS Backup Archive Solutions provides a full range of services to meet customer's needs in a variety of industries, specializing in storage management and related disciplines. With our extensive expertise to draw upon, we can help you solve your most complex storage and system managementproblems.

Our broad background in the deployment of IBM, Compaq (Digital Equipment Corporation), and third party storage and system management products makes us an ideal choice for installation, customization and training.


How our clients use our services
  • Improve the reliability amd performance of distributed backup and restore for networks spanning the nation.
  • Configure and test high-end robotic tape loaders.
  • Ensure that governmental requirements for media safety and reliability are met.
  • Design and implement solutions for complex client/server backup environments.
  • Evaluate current software/hardware products, and then recommend changes to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Customize commercially available applications.


Custom services
We have the experience and the background to find solutions to your storage and system management problems.

In particular, we can customize your existing software and hardware solutions to make sure you are getting all the value you expect from your investment in these technologies.

And, we can train your key personnel to assume this role after leave.


Custom consulting and engineering services
We provide custom consulting and engineering services on a time and materials, or project basis. We will work directly with you to determine the amount of effort required to help you solve your storage and system management issues. We specialize in complex issues with emphasis on storage software and hardware. We supply engineering services to design, develop and test custom applications for your environment. We have expertise in C, C++, and many other programming environments.


Installation services
We offer comprehensive installation services to meet your stringent business requirements. Our custom installation service includes a complete plan that considers your business issues. Our expertise in the use of IBM and Compaq (Digital) Storage products makes us your best choice for complex installations.

Our custom installation service encompass a wide range of IBM, Compaq (Digital) and third-party products.


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